... for strictly confidential phone calls

alphaCall offers you outstanding global and international data security for telephone conversations and conferences with personal inviolability and global accessibility!
By using an End-to-End encryption on highest level alphaCall provides maximum protection against all types of data corruption for telephone conversations and conferences.

Tap-proof and "easy to use" phone calls!

alphaCall offers with its security mechanisms protection against eavesdropping on highest level.
The hybrid Voice-/Data encryption, where fast resource-efficient encryption algorithm are applied, and the used authentication mechanism prevent the spying on the transmitted data effectively and provides concurrently protection against a so-called "man-in-the-middle" attack.

For lawyers, financial institutions, insurances, police, military
... wherever sensitive data will exchanged by phone!

End-to-End encryption on highest niveau

For voice encryption, the highest available standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key length of 256 bit is used.
The authentication of your correspondent partner is on currently globally accepted level of security.

With alphaCall your phone calls are tap-proof with global accessibility!

By using a strong encryption on highest level alphaCall provides protection against unauthorized access to the contents of phone calls and conferences!

Effective protection against eavesdropping
End-to-End encryption on highest level
Individual calls and conferences
Best voice quality
Simple operation
Useable worldwide

The users of alphaCall are reachable globally without security risks, regardless of mobile operator, through a variety of wireless networks (e.g. WLAN, UMTS, EDGE, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPRS) as well as via terrestrial and also via satellite-based connections.

alphaCall can be used on all common mobile phones and Smartphones with Android Operating System without additional hardware!

High End-to-End Encryption
Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit
Authentication at the highest level
Optimal call quality
Individual calls and conferences

The user of alphaCall is reachable globally in every IP supported Net, without security risks and regardless of mobile operator!

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